displaced populations

A +  t i l t   2 0 0 8
Seattle, Washington
C L I C K the I MA G E
The Design Build Challenge (DBC) is a three-day design and construction competition, established by Project Locus based in New Orleans.  TiLT Community Design Build received a City Arts smART Ventures grant to host and organize the second DBC in March 2008 entitled, Displaced Populations.  The challengers worked with Seattle's Tent Cities communities to develop temporary structures for a toilet and memorial vigil.  The winning design, by UW architecture master's students, was a multicolored cube memorial vigil that can collapse and disassemble for mobility.  Other designs included toilets and vigils made from reclaimed materials. Thanks to supporters, donors, and sponsors: Seattle Arts & Culture, Tent Cities and SHARE/WHEEL, Pb Elemental (now Alloy Design Group), Forrest Carman and Owen Media, Steve Badanes and UW-Neighborhood Design/Build, Pomegranate Center- Cover Photo Courtesy of Gus Sinscheimer, shows the winning memorial vigil temporarily stationed at Seattle's City Hall after the three-day competition.

Anna Koosmann (A+) co-founded TiLT Community Design Build, a grassroots coalition of designers, architects, and builders based in Seattle, WA. TiLT and its members are emboldened by the notion that public art and architecture can affect positive social change.

Photo Courtesy of Seattle Times ©2008

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