supercharge! foods

A +  s u p e r c h a r g e !  f o o d s  2 0 1 5 
Madison, Wisconsin

Owners TJ DiCiaula and PT Bjerke in their new commercial space.  - Photo by Amanda Cook in Isthmus
SuperCharge! Foods is a micro-green production, juice bar, and community space in Madison, WI.  SuperCharge! gutted a single-story commercial building and converting two tenant spaces into one.  The production room can generate up to ten times more growing volume than before, utilizing vertical shelf towers.  The 3,000sf interior renovation and exterior site paving and plantings has made an improvement to the urban neighborhood and serves as a community hub on Madison's East side.  - Photos courtesy of SuperCharge! foods.  Anna Koosmann was the primary consulting architect for SuperCharge! and Whole Trees.

SuperCharge! Foods micro-green grow room.

SuperCharge! Foods community juice bar looking into the grow room.

SuperCharge! Foods site improvements.

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