A +  e s t u d i o  d a m g o  2 0 1 3   Education to Benefit Communities
Valencia, Philippines
C L I C K  the  I M A G E
The Dungga Classroom is Estudio Damgo's pilot project established in June 2012.  A partnership between Foundation University, the Department of Education (DepED), and Municipality of Valencia showcases innovation in bamboo and sustainable design strategies.  Dungga is a 68sm (225sf) annex preschool and kindergarten classroom located on the existing elementary school site in Malaunay, Valencia.  The building features locally sourced bamboo, thatched (or sak-sak) roof, and rammed earth.  Located in a rural, mountain village, it captures expansive views, passive cooling, and natural daylight making it energy efficient.  Many thanks to supporters, donors, and volunteers: Global Giving, Bambusa Collabo, and the local community. - Photos Courtesy of Foundation University Estudio Damgo

Estudio Damgo, or "dream studio", teaches Filipino architecture students sustainable design and construction to benefit communities in the Philippines.  It is the first student-led, design+build program in the Philippines and it has received a national award in 2013 from the Ten Accomplished Youth Organization (TAYO) for its pilot project, Dungga Classroom.

Anna Koosmann (A+) joined Estudio Damgo in October 2012 to co-instruct with founder, Ray Villanueva, and mentor students during the construction on Dungga Classroom.  Learn more about the experience on Koosmann's blog, Teaching in the Philippines, and follow the Estudio Damgo Facebook page.

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