shix neet affordable housing

A +  u w c b e   d e s i g n - b u i l d   2 0 0 6 - 0 8
Seattle and Yakima Valley, Washington

 C L I C K the I M A G E

A partnership between the University of Washington - College of Built Environment (UW-CBE) Community Futures Design-Build Studio and the Yakima Nation Housing Authorities (YNHA) built two homes demonstrating energy efficient design and construction for a 50+ affordable housing development plan.  The project took three years from community planning, design, and construction.  Funded through a HUD grant, the design-build program received a HUD award for the culturally sensitive design and construction using advanced framing and SIPs.  Graduate students dedicated their time through three years: leading community workshops with the YNHA, design concepts, design and construction on the reservation.  For nine weeks during the summer 2006, students traveled from Seattle to the Yakama Nation Reservation, working and living on site for four days a week.

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