A +  w o r k s  2 0 1 2
Seattle, Washington

C L I C K the I M A G E
Created in collaboration with artist Aaron Asis, sway is an interactive re-interpretation of a traditional swing. Responding to the form and structure of the Deajeon Park Pagoda, the swings generate a wide array of reaction, interaction and creative engagement. sway was part of the NEPO House 5k and shared Pagoda space overlooking the I-90 trail with Nat Evans' sound piece entitled, Record and Response.
Inspired by the installation, the poem is written in segments on each sway:

under a grotto of catching chances, sway anew in webbing branches

your wrongful throes
and hear what sounds are hazily found 

'for flecking tones spryly jitter, armored in a moment's flitter

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