countdown: build 2 destroy

A +  w o r k s   2 0 0 7
Seattle, Washington
C L I C K the I M A G E
As part of Koosmann's independent Master's thesis, she organized and curated a five artist group exhibit entitled, Countdown: Build 2 Destroy (May 3, 2007 opening reception).  Five temporary architecture installations explore fundamental ideas of proportion and space based on five, written works in Western Architectural theory: Ten Books on Architecture (Vitruvius, 30-20bc), Le Modulor (Le Corbusier, 1948), Architectural Graphic Standards (Charles Ramsey and Harold Sleeper, 1930), A Patterned Language (Christopher Alexander, 1977), and City of Bits (William J. Mitchell, 1996). The installations were designed and constructed as site-specific works at the 1926 Garage and Store Building in Seattle (Stoddard and Son A&E).  Responding to Seattle's changing and redeveloping neighborhoods, Countdown: Build 2 Destroy takes the opportunity in the utilitarian and dispensable space, to celebrate a moment of life and "collective memory" of the historic parking garage before its demolition.  The Garage and Store Building was demolished in March 2012.

Collaborating Artists: this is Nocturne (Classical Space), Abby Ipanbutr (Modern Space), Ben Alberg (Standard Space), Donald Daedalus (Patterned Space), Zach Carver and Mick Lorusso (Virtual Space).
Countdown: Build 2 Destroy exhibit at Form/Space Atelier with curator Paul Pauper.

Koosmann documented the Garage & Store Building using large format 4x5 photography in August 2007 and April 2012 after it was demolished (with Abby Ipanbutr).

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