Thursday, October 9, 2014

In the News - "The Other Expats"

Just two years ago I took a leap abroad to pursue my passion in architecture in the Philippines.  A life changing decision to say the least, and I'm grateful to have had the courage and the support to take a risk in my career and change to my Pacific Northwest creature comforts, to follow my heart's path.  After living and working abroad for 20 months, I returned back to the Midwest to be near family and to establish myself in the States as a licensed architect.  I continue to stay in touch with friends and loved-ones in the Philippines and to follow the progress of the third Estudio Damgo project, which was just launched this week and featured in the local paper.  To my surprise, in a separate article, I was pictured along side Hersley-Ven Casero and Larissa Gutsch in the report entitled, "The Other Expats" by John Stevenson.  The picture was taken over a year ago by Stevenson (who is also an expat) at a poetry reading held at the Bean Connection, one of my favorite coffee shops in Dumaguete City.  Reflecting fondly on my days living in the "City of Gentle People", it warms my heart to feel a reciprocal bond shared between the community and myself.  It was a hard decision to leave Dumaguete City, because of the close ties I had made through my work, the community, relationships, and partner.  Dumaguete and its gentle people sink deep within my heart, and in a humbling way, the article tells me Dumaguete might miss me a little too.  As they say in Visayan "Balik-Balik" and "Kitakitz"! And if John Stevenson's words are true, I do wish to return someday soon. - Dumaguete Metropost Newspaper photo courtesy of Hersley-Ven Casero

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