Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pagka-pinay "being Filipino" at Global M.A.D.E Gallery 120

Pagka-pinay series: Saging (banana) and Balloon series paintings beyond

It was a cold and brisk evening for May during Artful Friday's opening at Global M.A.D.E Gallery 120 in River Falls, Wisconsin last Friday.  We all managed to warm up inside among the colorful display of artworks created by local artists in the St. Croix river valley.  I was one of five local artists to exhibit the architecture work and paintings created in the Philippines.  It was great to see the works up on the wall and share the adventures with everyone who came to the opening.  I was reconnected with so many faces from my childhood that night, and many new faces from the local community.  Artworks are up and for sale through May 31, 2016.  Get down to Global M.A.D.E if you haven't, it's a fun store to check out all the fair trade arts and crafts from around the globe.

Pagka-pinay paintings are Koosmann's visual story as a foreigner living and working abroad for nearly two years in the Philippines (2012-14).  The term pagka-pinay means "being Filipino". The series has been exhibited in galleries around the Philippines, including Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues V-day event and art exhibit entitled, Herstory, on February 14, 2014.

Balloon paintings are meditations in art making which unveil layers of colors and shapes by removing paint from the canvas.  Debuted at Qube Gallery Cebu, Philippines for the Mientras Tanto, or "in the mean time", group exhibit September 2013.

Pagka-pinay paintings displayed among Estudio Damgo architecture photographs highlighting four community projects in the Philippines.

Balloon series displayed brilliantly on a complimentary orange wall at Global M.A.D.E. Gallery 120 River Falls, WI.
It was nice to have friends and family show up for the event.
And to meet new faces to hear about their adventures in the Philippines.

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