Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Negret Wine Company Art Fair

Flower Essence series, the Laughing Lotus, and Pagka-pinay series on display at Negret Wine Co. Art Fair, June 11 &12.

Negret Wine Company in Hudson Wisconsin, hosted a two-day art fair exhibiting local artists from the St. Croix River Valley on June 11 & 12.  Anna Koosmann's Flower Essence series and her new version of Hersley Casero's Ha? project, Laughing Lotus, were on display.  It was a wonderfully warm summer weekend to share in art, wine, and friendship at Negret.

Laughing Lotus, Anna Koosmann's latest version of Hersley Casero's collaborative art movement, the Ha? project.

This video shows the transformation of Anna Koosmann's Laughing Boy portrait created in 2014 at Art at the Heart in Hudson, WI into the Laughing Lotus portrait 2016.  The process is about re-creating your story, transform the old and out-dated into something new - Create to Elevate!

Vincent Negret, owner and wine maker, holds up his new Ha? project t-shirt.

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